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“The Singing Ringing Tree”; Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Bob Claytor

61mm x 61mm; Oil and Acrylic on Canvas; 2019

”What is so disturbing that just thinking about it paralyses me with fear? The Singing Ringing Tree…there…I said it. But I’ll call it TSRT from now on, if you don’t mind” -denofgeek.com

This oil and acrylic painting from the second half of October 2019 grew out of memories of a BBC children’s TV programme from the 1960’s called “The Singing Ringing Tree”. This programme came across as a very weird and slightly disturbing experience for a 6 year old in a Derbyshire mining village. It is a “modern” fairy tale based on the Grimm Brothers style and written for the post war East German film industry. Though filmed in Technicolour, it was broadcast on the BBC in black and white, which gave it a very “film noir” feel. Watching it in colour (You Tube) 50 years later I found it to be fascinating and utterly charming. This painting is the result.