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Here you’ll see Recent Paintings, Stained Glass, some series of paintings and drawings from many years ago as well as some other painting related ideas.

This is a series of works begun in mid 2016. I am trying to express a controlled and lyrical mark making in my painting that combines recognisable imagery with this abstraction alongside a subtle narrative. Final version May 2018 “The Amazing Adventures of…..” Oil on canvas; May 2018 1000mm x 500mm Reworked version August 2017 … Continue reading

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Panels There are three techniques on show here:- Click on the links for more detailed information. This site is particularly worth a visit:- Williams and Byrne Firstly the traditional lead came approach with sections of soldered pieces holding the glass in place before grouting and polishing. See the work in progress image. Secondly … Continue reading

Large Paintings and Drawings

Large paintings and drawings This is a bit of a dogs breakfast of pictures done over a 20 year period during the 1980’s and 90’s, but it serves it’s basic purpose at the moment. I will eventually present them better and put the collection into the structure of the overall site in a more meaningful … Continue reading

A Shed Load of Windows

A whole shed load of windows here…. Allotment Sheds 60″ x 60″ oil on canvas These greenhouses come store sheds are found on most communal allotments. They are cobbled together from different re-cycled windows and other bits and pieces. This is a painting from an original drawing done on the spot. It is starting to … Continue reading