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What does this word mean to me?

I have been teaching Art and Technology for 16 years now from what I think is a particularly creative perspective. This fine art view point has posed many varied and exciting challenges for me.  Some very productive but all helpful in some way.

Here are a couple of books that I have found helpful in unpicking my way through some of those issues:-

Lamp projects for GCSE: 2011 onward This collection of images of lamps shows skills in design work for the laser cutter as well as many traditional making techniques such as turning and routing and the threading of steel rod. Students are all encouraged to finish their work to the highest standard to make the most … Continue reading

A selection grafitti and mural work:- This is my Grafitti board on Pinterest…    

Design and Technology Association Keynote Address for 2016 Summer School A response to government plans for Design and Technology   This is going to need some careful thought and planning. What do you all say?