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Stained Glass

Stained Glass Panels

There are three techniques on show here:-

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Firstly the traditional lead came approach with sections of soldered pieces holding the glass in place before grouting and polishing. See the work in progress image.

Secondly the tiffany lamp technique that uses copper foil around each glass piece before soldering the whole window around the join edges. This can be seen in the four long thin windows in the door.

Finally glass painting and firing is evident in the school badge window where the sheep and other areas have been permanently fixed to the coloured glass. It can also be seen in the drawing work in the Superman piece.

Here are a couple more stained glass pieces of mine

In the first one below I have attempted a simple square theme border which acts as a a classic focus for the content of the secondary inside border and the green picture landscape image within that.

The monochrome celtic pattern border is created through a home made printed decal using a laser printer with particular ink and paper. This does work well except for limiting the outcome to a brown colour post firing. This can be modified or taken advantage of through further painting, frit work and re-firing however.  Whilst the whole window works well as a finished piece, I feel that it is just as much a repository of techniques and potential, that reminds me of what is possible.

Decal work, glass fusion and painted and fired glass in a lead came structure mounted in a wooden frame:

Claytor 2014

Below is one of my first larger pieces. It is based on an image of a saint that I have modified. The glass is simply cut and placed intuitively in relation to the drawn outline. I find a combination of reflection and prompt decision making around colour and the feel for the rythme of a piece works well for me. That way I am able to keep a feel for the content whilst developing some of the more abstract flow of the final work. Click on the link or the image and you can see a video of the effect of sunshine bursting through the window and casting reflections on the wooden floor beneath it. The glorious fluttering effect is caused by a tree blowing in the wind between the sun and the window.

Lead came with plain coloured glass:

Claytor: 1999

And a nice little playful piece dream catcher:-

Copper foil with plain coloured glass